Adhesives for increased crash resistance in automotive


Adhesives for sustainable development: Material efficiency, Energy savings & Durability

Crash-resistant structural adhesive solutions for lightweight composite materials in the automotive industry allow the reduction of the CO2 footprint during production and use phase, while at the same time improving passenger safety.

Posted Mar 9, 2018
  • Conserving resources is a key driver in sustainable development. Lightweight composite materials can save material and energy in the production and use phase.
  • Adhesives enable the bonding of dissimilar materials (e.g. steel/aluminium/plastic) to create composite materials, which combine the properties of the constituent materials while reducing weight and improving the mechanical performance.
  • Crash-resistant structural adhesive solutions enable the elimination of welding points and the use of thinner metal sheets while increasing the car’s rigidity and crash resistance.

For more details about this Good Practice, see the company's related document 'Sustainability in structural bonding - Automotive'.