Water-based adhesive for insulation material


The single-component polychloroprene (CR) adhesive can be applied directly to typical foam insulation materials with a brush or by spraying.

The adhesive meets the VOC free class A+ requirements of the French Ministery of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. Picture: Forestali

Posted 10 Oct 2023

Adhesives/Sealants for Sustainable Development: Energy Savings

A water-based, solvent-free polychloroprene (CR) adhesive with high heat resistance for bonding insulating foams for heating pipes contributes to energy savings and improved work place hygiene.

  • Insulation by foam material of heated pipes is crucial for the reduction of energy losses in the industrial and civil sector.
  • Insulation foam must be bonded in place after the piping and heating systems have been installed.
  • Solvent-based CR adhesives are the traditional type of adhesive when durability and thermal stability are required.
  • A water-based CR adhesive has been developed that meets the demanding requirements.
  • The water-based CR adhesive provides the basis for very low solvent emissions to the atmosphere and improved work place hygiene and indoor air quality

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