New: European Adhesives and Sealants Market Report 2023-2028

New: European Adhesives and Sealants Market Report 2023-2028

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A&S sustainability role in construction

A&S sustainability role in construction

Find out about 'Adhesives and Sealants’ key sustainability role in the transition pathway for the construction ecosystem' and European Model EPDs.

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PU Training

PU Training

As of 24 August 2023, training is required for all professional and industrial users of products with a total monomeric diisocyanate concentration of > 0.1%.

FEICA offers a voucher code to receive training material related to PU adhesives and sealants applications free of charge (0 €) for end-users. 

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FEICA is the European voice of the adhesive and sealant industry. It is a multinational association representing the adhesive and sealant industry at European level and works with all relevant stakeholders to create a mutually beneficial economic and legislative environment. 

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  • FEICA SNAPSHOT - December 2023, Issue 19.pdf

    For members Uploaded December 05, 2023

    FEICA SNAPSHOT - Issue 19

    This biannual newsletter aims to give you a ‘snapshot’ of the main topics and achievements that our technical groups believe are the most pertinent to share with you.

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  • Adhesives in the regulation of end-of-life vehicles.pdf

    Uploaded December 04, 2023

    In July 2023, the EC published a proposal for a regulation on circularity requirements for vehicle design and end-of-life vehicles (‘ELV regulation proposal’, document COM(2023)451).

    FEICA argues that: 
    • the explicit and generalised mention of adhesives as an impediment to the dismantling and recycling in the ELV regulation proposal is inaccurate, as adhesives can allow for and even enable successful dismantling and recycling.

    • the current wording constitutes an uneven playing field as other materials and bonding technologies which may prevent dismantling and/or recycling are not mentioned.

    • the mention of specific materials or technologies which are to be considered in the circular design strategies and in fee modulation for vehicles should be provided, if at all, in secondary legislation or guidance only.

    • any mention of specific materials or bonding technologies should be sufficiently specific and reflective of the existing practices, successes and limitations of end-of-life vehicle dismantling and recycling. 

    Publication ref.:POP-EX-M12-059

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  • FEICA co-signs Silicones Europe letter regarding intended POP nomination of D4, D5, D6.pdf

    Uploaded December 03, 2023

    Industry shares with the European Commission its reservations regarding the intention to nominate D4, D5 and D6 as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) under the Stockholm Convention

    The nomination of D4, D5 and D6 as POPs put at risk their intermediate use to produce silicone polymers, as well as many applications of silicone polymers. Please also see Annex A and Annex B (POP nomination of D4, D5, D6).
    Publication ref.: COS-EX-M11-058

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Adhesive Bonding Technology in the 21st Century

FEICA and Fraunhofer IFAM publish book ‘Adhesive Bonding Technology in the 21st Century - Synergy of Technological and Ecological Potentials’.

Good Practice Stories

FEICA promotes excellence in how our members run their business processes to improve sustainable operations and shares examples of good practice. To see all the contributions from our members, please see our Good Practice Stories page.

Adhesives and Sealants: Enablers of a sustainable society

FEICA publishes leaflet showcasing the significance of the adhesives and sealants industry in terms of economic importance as well as enablers of a sustainable society.