CEN Standards

FEICA one-component foam (OCF) Test Methods approved as CEN standards

CEN standards provide people and organisations with a basis for mutual understanding, and are used as tools to facilitate communication, measurement, commerce and manufacturing.

A series of FEICA’s one-component foam (OCF) test methods has been approved as CEN standards. One-component foam (OCF) manufacturers* representing more than 90% of the market in Europe have developed, within FEICA, standardised test methods which allow the performance of OCF products to be measured, compared and communicated in an accurate manner, allowing customers to buy with confidence. See Press Release.

The following FEICA one-component foam (OCF) test methods have been approved as CEN standards:


*OCF manufacturers represented in FEICA are: Aerosol-Services, Bostik, Dupont, Henkel, Krimelte, Polypag, Selena, Soudal, TKK Srpenica and Construction Products Group Europe.