European Model Environmental Product Declarations (Model EPDs) have been updated

As Model EPDs are valid only for a maximum of 6 years, they were updated in 2022 - Another update is expected (TBC).

From 2016 to 2022, FEICA offered 'FEICA Model Environmental Product Declarations (Model EPDs)', which could be used by construction products manufacturers to prove the environmental impact of their products. Therefore, the choice of adhesive and sealant products available to architects and green procurement bodies was significantly increased.

The expansion of the range of products with Model EPDs gives SMEs improved access to a market that is otherwise available only to some and leads to significant cost and time savings for companies.

As Model EPDs are valid only for a maximum of 6 years, the 2016 versions were updated in 2022. FEICA, Industrieverband Klebstoffe (IVK), the European Federation for Construction Chemicals (EFCC) and Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. (DBC),  therefore undertook a joint project to revise and extend them, as well as to extend the scope for additional substances and formulations.

The European Model EPDs are available to FEICA Direct Company Members (DCMs), Affiliate Company Members (ACMs) and FEICA National Association Members (NAMs). 

More information is available via our dedicated webpage here: