FEICA's Regulatory Affairs focus

Adhesives and sealants use a broad range of substances and are applied in many different products from all industry sectors. This means that FEICA is covering a large number of topics and policy discussions. Some of our key topics are Construction (including EPDs), PU training, ​Good PracticeREACH and CLP, and Paper & Packaging.

Note below documents are located on the FEICA Extranet, which is reserved to FEICA member companies, national associations and their member companies.

Executive Summaries: EU Green Deal Concepts

Activities of the FEICA Working Groups (FEICA Issue One-Pagers)

Each year, FEICA’s European Technical Board (ETB) approves the issues on which FEICA’s Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and Technical Task Forces (TTFs) will be focussing. See the organigram here.


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