Adhesives for lightweight furniture

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Adhesives for sustainable development: Material efficiency, Energy savings & Durability

Special adhesive solutions for lightweight composites enable the reduction of the CO2 footprint of lightweight furniture compared to high density furniture.

Posted 20 Jan 2017
  • Saving resources is a key driver in sustainable development. Lightweight composites help by delivering high performance and quality whilst reducing material use and energy consumption during production and transport.
  • Panels of expanded paper covered with HDF have a density of 300 kg/m³ vs MDF panels which have a density of 660 kg/m³.
  • Adhesives are essential to bond the different materials in composites, e.g. expanded paper and HDF.
  • Special adhesive solutions enable the production of lightweight panels, contributing to the increased stability and durability of lightweight furniture.

For more details about this Good Practice, see the company's Related Document 'Enabling Innovation and Durable Bonds'


HDF: high density fibre board
MDF: medium density fibre board