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Creating your sustainable future with Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and sealants typically constitute only a small percentage of the final product they are incorporated into. In the majority of applications, adhesives and sealants can play a significant role in enabling the sustainability benefits of a product, particularly in terms of the substrates they are required to bond, the efficiency of the manufacturing process they are used on, the end use of the bonded article, its durability, and the opportunity to recycle the materials used at the end of its useful life.

Good Practice Stories

FEICA promotes excellence in how our members run their business processes to improve sustainable operations; for example, by reducing energy and water consumption, and reducing emissions to the air, water and soil. Many of our member companies are working on novel solutions to improve process sustainability and life cycle performance. 

To demonstrate this, FEICA is sharing examples of good practice. To see all the contributions from our members, please see  our Good Practice Stories page.

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The European Union's 'European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform' also shares how companies run their business to improve sustainable operations and regularly features some of the Good Practice stories published by FEICA.