Innovation is essential for achieving Europe's  sustainability goals

The focus on a circular economy includes further product development and innovation

FEICA works with its members to create a powerful voice for the adhesive and sealant industry in Europe, constantly seeking to improve the economic and legal landscape for the industry by sharing best practice and by developing tools to assist members in key areas such as sustainability and innovation.

We also raise awareness of the benefits that the industry brings to the economy and the attractive careers it offers to talented people. 

  • FEICA promotes our members' innovations and how they run their business processes to improve sustainable operations; for example, by reducing energy and water consumption, and reducing emissions to the air, water and soil. Many of our member companies are working on novel solutions to improve process sustainability and life cycle performance. Great examples of innovations in our industry can be found in our Good Practice Stories.
  • Our Adhesion Innovation Award aims to promote innovations in our industry and to raise awareness of the outstanding contribution our sector's innovators make towards a circular economy.