Adhesion Innovation Award

The FEICA/EURADH Award for Innovative Adhesion Science

The FEICA/EURADH Award for Innovative Adhesion Science, which takes place every two years, aims to stimulate the interactions between industrial and scientific activities in adhesion science. 

The second Adhesion Innovation Award (AIA 2020) was launched in November 2019 and attracted even more young scientists from across Europe. 

Every two years, applications are invited from young researchers working in adhesion science who have published outstanding work. The scope and possible topics for 2020 were made available on

FEICA and EURADH (biannual European conference on adhesion and related phenomena) launched the inaugural Adhesion Innovation Award (AIA 2018) at the 2017 FEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO. 

The first EURADH/FEICA Adhesion Innovation Award was won by Dr René Hensel for his paper on ‘Composite pillars with a tunable interface for adhesion to rough substrates’.

The jury agreed that Dr Hensel’s paper on gecko-inspired micropatterned dry adhesion was both very inspiring and topical. These adhesives promise reversible, non-destructive adhesion, which can enable novel biomedical applications such as wound closures and self-adhesive transplants, and also provide a new solution for innovative pick-and-place technologies in industrial automation and robotics.

For the 2020 edition of the Award, ten candidates submitted inspirational papers in innovative adhesion science, and the EURADH jury examined each one methodically for scientific impact, relevance, structure, preparation technology, theoretical description and practical application. Each project demonstrated clear benefits to the circular economy, society and/or our industry. 

The AIA 2020 winner will be announced after 15 June 2020, so watch this space!

The bi-annual EURADH/FEICA Adhesion Innovation Award is a great opportunity for both EURADH and FEICA to foster ties between industrial and scientific activities and to raise awareness of the outstanding contribution our sector’s innovators make towards a circular economy and a better world.

The Adhesion Innovation Award Ceremony and winner presentation is set to take place at EURADH 2021, in Antibes, France.

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