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  • DUCC response to the Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.pdf

    Uploaded June 22, 2020

    DUCC response to the European Commission's Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

    FEICA Regulatory Affairs Manager Dimitris Soutzoukis, as Vice-Chair of DUCC, shared the attached comments with the European Commission.

    DUCC appreciates the European Commission efforts to build the CSS initiative based on the deliverables of the chemicals industry to secure and protect human health and the environment, by contributing to the European Green Deal. Further, DUCC calls for a CSS initiative that provides realistic objectives and acknowledges the industry efforts to achieve a safe, sustainable, innovative and competitive chemicals industry in Europe.

    DUCC represents more than 9.000 companies in Europe (mostly SMEs) that use chemicals to formulate mixtures (as finished or intermediary products) for professional and industrial users, as well as for consumers. More on DUCC is available on the FEICA public website.


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  • FEICA position on D4/D5/D6 in silicone sealants.pdf

    For members Uploaded May 17, 2019

    FEICA position on D4/D5/D6 in silicone sealants.

    #health&safety #sealants


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  • FEICA position on D4/D5/D6 in silicone sealants.pdf

    For members Uploaded April 03, 2019
    In January 2019, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) provided an Annex XV Report concerning a Restriction of D4, D5 and D6 in consumer and professional products. Sealants may be affected by the planned restriction. 
    FEICA aims to establish a constructive dialogue and align with CES on a possible input to the public consultation on the restriction proposal in order to avoid contradictory statements. This position paper is intended to provide the basis for a meeting between FEICA and CES experts.

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  • Guidance at a glance - CLP series (10) - Poison Centres.pdf

    For members Uploaded February 26, 2019

    The tenth publication in the CLP series focuses on the harmonised information needed to respond to health-related emergencies.

    The document’s objective is to guide FEICA members on how to submit relevant information regarding their hazardous mixtures placed on the market to the national appointed bodies. Such information will be gathered to allow Poison Centres to provide rapid medical assistance in case of emergency. 

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  • Briefing Paper on polyurethane one-component foam (OCF) vs. spray foam cans (SFC) technology.pdf

    For members Uploaded January 22, 2019

    FEICA’s OCF TWG has identified two spray foam can (SFC) manufacturers that supply products to the European market without providing the necessary labelling safety information for use by both consumers and professionals. Their safety requirements are based on misleading testing procedures and incorrect interpretation of results, which could have an impact on the OCF industry as these SFC cans are very similar in packaging format to the OCF technology. 

    The purpose of this internal paper is to help members to introduce the issue to their organisations and clearly differentiate the two technologies to avoid any future potential problems with the authorities. 

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  • Sixteen associations sign letter to European Commission concerning TiO2.pdf

    For members Uploaded December 03, 2018
    Sixteen associations sign letter to European Commission concerning TiO2. In it, the associations call on the Commission to take note of the reasons mentioned in evaluating the Annex VI entry of TiO2 during the Inter-Service Consultation.

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  • DUCC issues paper on history of supporting REACH.pdf

    Uploaded November 05, 2018
    DUCC published a paper to highlight its activities over the last 10 years which are contributing to the implementation of some of the actions identified in the Commission report on the operation of REACH, as the result of the REACH 2017 review. (e.g. action 1 on the update of registration dossiers, action 3 on extended safety data sheets and action 12 on the interface between REACH and Occupational Safety & Health). 
    FEICA as member of the Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination Group (DUCC) has contributed to the development of the paper, and more importantly, to the activities included therein regarding the REACH Regulation. 

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  • FEICA in the news - Vorausplanen! .pdf

    For members Uploaded November 08, 2017

    Farbe und Lack, the German edition of the European Coatings Journal (ECJ), has published FEICA's article 'Vorausplanen' on Poison Centers in their November 2017 Issue.

    In the article, Nicolás Fuentes, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, explains how companies should 'Plan ahead' as harmonised reporting obligations for hazardous mixtures in Europe are coming. 

    #hazardousproducts #health&safety

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  • FEICA FC seminar 28 Sep. 2017 - Migration testing approaches for adhesives.pdf

    Uploaded October 04, 2017

    Proceedings FEICA Food Contact Seminar "Safe Adhesives for Safe Food" on 28 September 2017

    "Migration testing approaches for adhesives" by André Weiss, Manager Instrumental Analytics, Food Safety, Henkel.

    #foodcontact #paper&packaging #health&safety

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  • Update on ECHA activities June 2017.pdf

    For members Uploaded June 26, 2017

    FEICA reports on various ECHA activities through the usual channels. Sometimes an additional update such as this one is published for our members with a recap of recent and general news.

    #REACH #health&safety #exposurescenarios

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