External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

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Adhesives for sustainable development: Energy savings

An adhesive enables the optimum long-term bonding of insulation panels as part of ETICS and thus contributes to energy saving and a reduced need for maintenance in buildings.

Posted Jan 20, 2017
  • Saving fossil resources and reducing GHG emissions are main drivers of sustainable development. Heating causes 14% of GHG emissions in the EU. 75% of the heat inside a building escapes through the exterior walls. Efficient insulation can reduce energy losses/costs by 60%.
  • The multi-component insulation system, ETICS, requires a durable bond of the insulation panel to the plaster: adhesives can bear the stresses caused by the thermal deformation of the panel better than mechanical anchors.
  • The high quality adhesive designed to resist the shear and peel stresses guarantees the long-term performance of the bond.

For more details about this Good Practice, see the company's Related Document 'Adhesives in insulation foams and panels in buildings'


ETICS: External Thermal Insulation Composite System
GHG: Green house gas