Conveyor belt repair and bonding


Adhesives for rubber bonding supporting the circular economy: Repairability, Material efficiency & Durability

The longevity of conveyor belts can be extended by repairing on-site with a special adhesive system, thereby saving resources and reducing downtime.

Posted 04 Jun 2018
  • Reparability is one of the most important drivers in the circular economy. 
  • In many cases, the function of a defective part can be restored by the use of adhesives. 
  • Conveyor belts are widely used in highly demanding industries such as tunnelling and mining.
  • The adhesive system developed for on-site repair:
    • Ensures minimum down-time during emergency repair stops.
    • Is easy to apply without power supply and vulcanising presses in confined spaces.
    • Cures fast, has a high adhesion to rubber and excellent mechanical properties.
    • Is cost-effective.

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