Plant-based paper glues and packaging

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Adhesives for sustainable development: Material efficiency

Paper glues based on natural ingredients and packed in mainly plant-based packaging help to reduce CO2 emissions and save fossil resources.

Posted Jan 20, 2017
  • Saving fossil resources and reducing GHG emissions are main drivers of sustainable development. Today, more than 90% of plastics produced are still based on crude oil, at an annual volume of 250 million tons worldwide. Plant-based plastics however are partially or fully based on renewable resources.
  • Paper gluing is one of the most important consumer applications for adhesives.
  • The container and bottle of these paper glues are made from 58% and 88% renewable resources respectively. In addition, the glues themselves are mainly based on natural ingredients (98% for the stick and 70% for the liquid). Both these developments reduce CO² emissions and save fossil resources compared to a conventional product.

For more details about this Good Practice, see the company's Related Document 'For a more sustainable world' 


GHG: Green House Gas