Sustainable 1-component sealants


Sealants for sustainable development: Material efficiency

1-component high performance sealants packed in foil packs cut solvent emissions in use and reduce the GWP of their packaging by 75%

Posted Jan 20, 2017
  • Saving resources and reducing emissions into the environment are main drivers for sustainable development.
  • High performance sealants were traditionally formulated as 2-component systems requiring on-site mixing of the two components. After application, the equipment had to be cleaned using solvents. The product also have to be packed in metal pails to prevent premature reaction.
  • These 1-component high performance sealants do not need mixing and cleaning on-site. They react after application with water vapour in the air. Instead of the conventional metal pails they are packed in 600 ml foil packs.

For more details about this Good Practice, see the company's Related Document 'Environmental Friendly Application with 1-Component Sealants' 


GWP: Global Warming Potential