Labelling adhesives for returnable glass bottles


Adhesives for sustainable development: Recycling & Durability

Water-soluble adhesives support multiple use and recycling of returnable glass bottles

Posted 11 Dec 2019
  • Re-use and recycling are key enablers of circular economy
  • Reusable glass bottles can be filled up to 50 times, making them the most environmentally-friendly choice for the beverage supply chain in many cases.
  • Water soluble adhesives enable the efficient labelling and cleaning of returnable glass bottles.
  • The adhesives used to bond the label on the bottle 
  • Allow smooth-running at high output filling machines
  • Adhere firmly to ensure the information of the consumer
  • Enable easy removal from the returned bottles in the cleaning process
  • Do not hinder recycling at end-of-life

For more details about this Durability Good Practice, see the company's related document 'Do something to reduce your carbon footprint'.