Barrier adhesive for food packaging material


Adhesives for sustainable development: Recycling

An adhesive with barrier properties enables flexible food and consumer packaging to be recycled thanks to the use of mono-material films.

Posted 18 Feb 2020
  • The conservation of food and the recycling of its packaging material are major drivers in sustainable development. In the EU approx. 20 mt/a of plastic material are used in packaging.
  • For excellent preservation of sensitive food in flexible packaging, multilayer composites of various plastic film types bonded (laminated) by adhesives are used. The films usually cannot be separated in typical recycling processes, hence they are recycled through energy recovery processes.
  • A new barrier adhesive allows the use of multilayer systems consisting of films based on polyolefins. The adhesive not only bonds the film but also provides barrier properties, limiting the transmission of oxygen and water vapour.
  • These flexible packaging materials enable recycling thanks to the mono-material films used in the packaging.


* Source: PlasticsEurope, Facts 2016