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  • Cross-sector call for urgent dialogue regarding the CLP Revision.pdf

    Uploaded 06 Sep 2023

    Call for urgent dialogue and a rethink regarding CLP Revision – 3 key aspects that will have a major negative impact on industry and the environment

    11 European associations (including FEICA) representing producers, product formulators (downstream users), distributors and end users of chemicals, expressed their strong concerns regarding the ongoing revision of the Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). While we acknowledge the importance of ensuring clear and concise information on product labels, we firmly believe that the impact of the changes proposed in the revised CLP regulation has been greatly underestimated in the European Commission's impact assessment, especially with regard to minimum requirements for labelling.

    More info via the FEICA Extranet here.

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    Publication ref.:COS-EX-M09-048

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  • Order Form: European Adhesives & Sealants Market 2023-2028.pdf

    Uploaded 29 Aug 2023

    Order Form: European Adhesives & Sealants Market 2023-2028

    This is the order form of the European Adhesives & Sealants Market 2023-2028, prepared by Smithers on behalf of FEICA.

    To submit your order, please send the duly filled in and signed form to

    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-M08-045-A


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  • Press Release: ‘The European Adhesives and Sealants Market 2023-2028.pdf

    Uploaded 25 Aug 2023

    Press Release: FEICA market study ‘The European Adhesives and Sealants Market 2023-2028’ is available to order!

    The 2023-2028 Market report is the eighth edition of FEICA’s market study titled ‘The European Adhesives and Sealants Market’ and prepared by Smithers on behalf of FEICA.

    The aim of this programme is to provide market statistics from an independent source which are updat­ed at regular intervals. Based upon extensive desk and primary research and expertise checked by industry experts, the outlook to 2028 covers a range of industry challenges and issues, and highlights opportunities for growth in a fast-changing market.

    Publication ref.: FPR-EX-M08-046

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  • Description Brochure: The European adhesives and sealants market 2023-2028.pdf

    Uploaded 24 Aug 2023

    Description Brochure: The European adhesives and sealants market 2023-2028

    The European Adhesives and Sealants Market 2023-2028 is FEICA’s eighth edition of the report and covers the period 2023-2028. With much disruption and uncertainty in the marketplace today, it is crucial to get an accurate picture of the market.

    The report provides indispensable insights to help companies better position themselves for success in today’s challenging business environment. 

    This Description Brochure is for reference only and intended to provide prospective buyers an idea of the actual contents of the full and regional reports.

    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-M08-045-B


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  • ASMoR Position Paper on Green Claims Directive.pdf

    Uploaded 17 Jul 2023

    ASMoR Position Paper on Green Claims Directive

    To ensure consumers can make sustainable consumption choices and contribute to a circular economy it is key that they are provided with reliable, comparable, and verifiable environmental information about goods or services they want to purchase. In this context, ASMoR, of which FEICA is a member, welcomes the goals and principles of the European Commission’s proposal for a Green Claims Directive (Directive on the substantiation and communication of explicit environmental claims) and the possibility of using internationally recognized methodologies to calculate and communicate the environmental impact of a product.

    ASMoR’s paper on the proposal for a Directive on Green Claims has been published and can be consulted here.

    The Alliance for Sustainable Management of Chemical Risk (‘ASMoR’) is an alliance of more than 30 members that share a common position on the Essential Use Concept (‘EUC’) in EU chemicals policy.

    Publication ref.: COS-EX-M06-043

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  • Clarification of supplier duties under CLP Regulation.pdf

    Uploaded 06 Jul 2023

    Clarification of supplier duties under CLP Regulation

    Read here the FEICA position on the proposal of the EU Commission for an update of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 introducing in Article 30 a clarification of supplier duties. FEICA advocates for the exemption from the duty of updating labels of distributors who does not modify the product or the packaging they have in stock.


    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M03-041

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  • CONNECT Issue 53.pdf

    Uploaded 29 Jun 2023

    FEICA CONNECT - Issue 53 (June 2023)

    CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry.


    - The FEICA 2023 Conference & EXPO Special Issue 

    - Adhesives in the context of paper & board recycling – state of play 

    - Hot-melt producers inspired to prioritise sustainability in packaging, nonwovens, and construction, by Smithers 

    - Member Portrait: Imerys

    - AIA 2023: We have a winner! 

    - PU training deadline approaching

    - International A&S Day

    Publication ref.: FNL-EX-M06-042

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  • ASMoR on WSP REACH policy options paper.pdf

    Uploaded 20 Jun 2023

    FEICA provides input and co-signs ASMoR comments on the WSP essential use report - Policy options for REACH authorisation and restriction processes

    This is ASMoR’s latest paper which responds to WSP’s report on Supporting the Commission in developing an essential use concept, commissioned by DG Environment. See here

    ASMoR, of which FEICA is a member, acknowledges the importance of the analysis of different policy options for REACH in the WSP report and supports the objective to make restrictions and authorisations more efficient and more predictable, to enhance the level of protection of human health and the environment when the use of a substance presents an unreasonable risk. However, the alliance is convinced that the current proposed approach and broad application of the essential use concept (EUC) will ultimately result in an equally burdensome process for managing chemicals and fail to address existing challenges. As a way forward, ASMoR recommends a more targeted application of the EUC in combination with derogations for safe uses as workable reformed risk management process.

    The Alliance for Sustainable Management of Chemical Risk (‘ASMoR’) is an alliance of more than 30 members that share a common position on the Essential Use Concept (‘EUC’) in EU chemicals policy.

    Publication ref.: COS-EX-M06-040

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  • FEICA SNAPSHOT - June 2023, Issue 18.pdf

    For members Uploaded 19 Jun 2023

    FEICA SNAPSHOT - Issue 18

    This biannual newsletter aims to give you a ‘snapshot’ of the main topics and achievements that our technical groups believe are the most pertinent to share with you.

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  • Adhesives in the context of paper and board recycling – state of play.pdf

    Uploaded 19 Jun 2023

    Adhesives in the context of paper and board recycling - state of play

    Fibre-based products, in particular paper and board, play an important part in packaging and printing industries. In addition, their biobased origin and high recycling rates provide tangible sustainability benefits. Many fibre-based product designs, in particular in the area of packaging, would not be possible without adhesives, which are used in, for example, corrugation, bag and box making and labelling.

    In this paper, the place of adhesives in paper recycling is outlined. Then, existing design guidelines for fibre-based products are viewed with regards to adhesives and the treatment of adhesives in test methods and assessment schemes is considered. FEICA’s recommendations on the way to approach adhesives in paper and fibre-based recycling are also presented.    

    Publication ref.: FPR-EX-M06-039


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