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  • FEICA in the News - Adhesives as a food contact material.pdf

    Uploaded 18 Aug 2017

    Pitture e Vernici (Vol. 93 -2017 n. 2 March/April) has published an article entitled 'Adhesives as a food contact material / Adesivi, materiali a contatto con gli alimenti'.

    In the article, Jana Cohrs Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, explains the safe use of adhesives and how the FEICA guidelines help all stakeholders to achieve this.


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  • TIO2 Press Releases by ECHA & TDMA - June 2017.pdf

    Uploaded 12 Jun 2017

    Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association: Q&A on Titanium Dioxyde (TiO2)

    #REACH #classification&labelling #hazardousproducts

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  • Klarheit schaffen.pdf

    For members Uploaded 03 Feb 2017

    Feica in the news: Farbe und Lack, the German edition of the European Coatings Journal (ECJ), has published FEICA's article 'Klarheit schaffen' on Food Contact Materials (FCMs) in their February 2017 issue. In the article, FEICA explains how the adhesives industry is working hard to ensure that its products are safe.

    #foodcontact #health&safety

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  • Adhesives as a Food Contact Material.pdf

    For members Uploaded 19 Jan 2017

    Feica in the news: The European Coatings Journal (ECJ),FEICA explains that the adhesives industry is working hard to ensure that its products are safe and that it has now published several guidance papers to help its members and other actors of the food contact material supply chain to ensure that the final packaging is safe.  

    #foodcontact #paper&packaging #mineraloil

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  • FEICA in the news - FEICA publishes Use Maps to help improve communication under REACH.pdf

    Uploaded 22 Dec 2016

    Polymers Paint Colour Journal (PPCJ), Vol. 206 - n° 4627, December 2016.

    In this article, Divina Goméz, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, said that she "urges registrants to use the data contained in the FECA Use Maps to prepare or update their REACH dossiers."

    All information on the FEICA Use Maps can be found on the FEICA website here.

    #REACH #exposurescenarios #health&safety

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  • FEICA in the news - Musterhaft kleben und dichten.pdf

    For members Uploaded 10 Oct 2016

    Farbe und Lack, the German edition of the European Coatings Journal (ECJ), has published FEICA's article "Musterhaft kleben und dichten" on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in their October Issue.

    In the article, Jana Cohrs, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, explains how the EU Model EPDs leads to significant cost and time savings for companies. 

    #EPDs #health&safety

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  • Joint statement on Sector use maps.pdf

    Uploaded 10 Oct 2016

    A joint statement titled "Improving the safe use of chemicals in Europe through excellence in supply chain communication" was signed on 6 October 2016 by DUCC, ECHA and CEFIC.

    Accurate and clear information on the conditions of safe use of chemicals generated and communicated along the supply chain is essential in ensuring the successful implementation of the European Union’s REACH Regulation. To that end, DUCC, ECHA and CEFIC acknowledge the crucial role that sector use maps play in achieving excellence in supply chain communication.

    Please see the ECHA and CEFIC communications for more info.

    FEICA (as part of DUCC) will continue promoting the tools and raising awareness among downstream industry organisations to produce sector use maps to support registrants in generating meaningful exposure scenarios.

    #exposurescenarios #health&safety


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  • FEICA in the news - Construction & Civil Engineering.pdf

    Uploaded 23 Aug 2016

    Construction & Civil Engineering (CCE Magazine), Summer issue 2016: A model of representation

    As pressure for sustainable development from the construction sector grows, FEICA's role in supporting Europe's adhesive and sealant industry remains as critical as ever. In this interview, Steve Kenny (H.B. Fuller), President of FEICA explains "It's about understanding how sustainable development and construction standards are being pushed and how we can best position ourselves as an organisation to support our members."

    #construction #sustainabledevelopment #standards

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  • Mapping out REACH.pdf

    For members Uploaded 15 Jun 2016

    FEICA in the news: European Coatings Journal (ECJ), issue 6/2016: Mapping out REACH. In this article, published by ECJ, FEICA explains how it has developed use maps to provide registrants with information on uses and conditions of use of adhesive and sealant products in a harmonised and structured way. 

    #REACH #exposurescenarios

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  • Fraunhofer IFAM European Adhesive Engineer Course (ENG).pdf

    Uploaded 26 May 2016

    The Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen (Germany) announces its next European Adhesive Engineer (EAE) course starting on 19 September 2016 (course language: English).

    The EAE course primarily deals with adhesive bonding of metals, plastics, fiber-reinforced plastics, elastomers and glass. It is designed mainly for employees of adhesive user companies to supervise bonding processes from product development to production and on to repair activities. It also suits technological support staff from adhesive suppliers or manufacturers of adhesive application systems who strive to improve their knowledge of the whole adhesive bonding process chain to be able to better address client needs. #education

    For more information, please visit: 


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