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  • FEICA in the news - ECHA.pdf

    Uploaded February 25, 2016

    ECHA Newsletter 2016 Issue 1, February: Supply Chain communication - help yourself, use the tools

    ECHA, sector associations and EU Member States have worked for two years to develop tools and templates to improve communication on safe use in the supply chain. The work has got off to a promising start: new tools that help both registrants and downstream users have already been published and many more are in the pipeline.

    In this article ECHA has interviewed Divina Gómez, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, about the use maps being developed for the adhesive and sealant industry helping them to prepare more realistic safety assessments for their REACH registrations.

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  • DUCC publishes new document on Safe Use of Mixtures (SUMI).pdf

    Uploaded January 04, 2016

    DUCC published an explanatory document on "Sector Specific approaches towards developing and communicating information for the safe use of mixtures” which includes a template on the SUMI – the Safe Use of Mixtures Information, thus providing its members and formulators with an important tool for compliance with the REACH obligations in communicating safe use conditions of mixtures, as per article 31 (7) of REACH. FEICA is also working on the approach outlined in the document and, being a partner of DUCC, gave input to the guidance.

    #SUMIs #health&safety

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