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  • FEICA in the news - Towards a circular economy.pdf

    For members Uploaded April 24, 2019
    European Coatings Journal (ECJ), issue 4/2019: Towards a circular economy.
    In the interview, published by ECJ, Dimitrios Soutzoukis, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, talks about how the adhesive and sealant industry continues to innovate to become more sustainable.

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  • FEICA position on D4/D5/D6 in silicone sealants.pdf

    For members Uploaded April 03, 2019
    In January 2019, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) provided an Annex XV Report concerning a Restriction of D4, D5 and D6 in consumer and professional products. Sealants may be affected by the planned restriction. 
    FEICA aims to establish a constructive dialogue and align with CES on a possible input to the public consultation on the restriction proposal in order to avoid contradictory statements. This position paper is intended to provide the basis for a meeting between FEICA and CES experts.

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  • ENES Action 4.1. lead by DUCC (FEICA instructions).pdf

    For members Uploaded March 11, 2019

    FEICA introduction for the Pilot Project on Exposure Scenarios and communication in the supply chain - Formulator step: testing SUMI selection approach (action 4.1)


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  • ENES Action 4.1. lead by DUCC (Application form).pdf

    For members Uploaded March 11, 2019
    Application Form for the Pilot Project on ESs and communication in the supply chain. Formulator step: testing SUMI selection approach.

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  • ENES Action 4.1. lead by DUCC (DUCC document).pdf

    For members Uploaded March 11, 2019
    Introduction to the Pilot Project on ESs and communication in the supply chain. Formulator step: testing SUMI selection approach.

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  • Guidance at a glance - CLP series (10) - Poison Centres.pdf

    For members Uploaded February 26, 2019

    The tenth publication in the CLP series focuses on the harmonised information needed to respond to health-related emergencies.

    The document’s objective is to guide FEICA members on how to submit relevant information regarding their hazardous mixtures placed on the market to the national appointed bodies. Such information will be gathered to allow Poison Centres to provide rapid medical assistance in case of emergency. 

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  • FEICA 2017 Growth by end-use markets.pdf

    Uploaded February 04, 2019

    The adhesive & sealant industry - Growth by end-use markets

    Adhesives and sealants are advanced formulated products that play an essential role in thousands of everyday items. From your mobile phone to your car; your washing machine to your shoes; the construction and weatherproofing of your house, all of these and many more rely on adhesives and sealants.

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  • FEICA CONNECT - January 2019, issue 36.pdf

    Uploaded January 23, 2019
    FEICA CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry. FEICA Connect is published in January, May, June/July (Special Conference Issue) and in October.
    In this issue:
    • REACH: FEICA helps members with Safe Use of Mixtures Information (SUMI) 
    • FEICA 2019 will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia - SAVE THE DATE
    • FEICA 2019 Call for Speakers: Grab your chance to address the entire industry
    • ILSI publishes paper on Adhesives for Food Packaging Applications, authored by FEICA
    • FEICA commits to update existing EPDs | FEICA in 2018
    • EU - Japan trade agreement on track | Brexit and the European Construction Regulation 
    • EU recommendations for occupational exposure limits | ECHA’s Chesar3 tutorial
    • New global alliance commits over $1 billion to help end plastic waste in the environment
    • New FEICA Member| Facts & Figures of the European chemical industry | Welcome 


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  • Briefing Paper on polyurethane one-component foam (OCF) vs. spray foam cans (SFC) technology.pdf

    For members Uploaded January 22, 2019

    FEICA’s OCF TWG has identified two spray foam can (SFC) manufacturers that supply products to the European market without providing the necessary labelling safety information for use by both consumers and professionals. Their safety requirements are based on misleading testing procedures and incorrect interpretation of results, which could have an impact on the OCF industry as these SFC cans are very similar in packaging format to the OCF technology. 

    The purpose of this internal paper is to help members to introduce the issue to their organisations and clearly differentiate the two technologies to avoid any future potential problems with the authorities. 

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  • FEICA SUMI - Professional large-scale outdoor use of adhesives, sealants or primers by low-energy spreading [FEICA SUMI_PW_10_o-b].pdf

    Uploaded December 20, 2018

    This document is intended to communicate the conditions of safe use for the product, based on the exposure assessments required under REACH, and should always be read in combination with the product’s Safety Data Sheet and labels. #exposurescenarios #REACH #SUMIs

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