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  • FEICA comments on the Wood/PFA report regarding Polymers Requiring Registration.pdf

    Uploaded August 13, 2020

    FEICA’s comments on the Wood/PFA report regarding Polymers Requiring Registration

    Adhesives and sealants are an essential component of innovative products, enabling many sustainable solutions. FEICA supports the efforts of the European Commission to develop a comprehensive regulatory framework for the registration of polymers under the REACH Regulation that will help to protect human health and the environment, without losing the competitiveness and innovativeness of the European industry.

    Registration of polymers should be foreseen only when a risk to human health and the environment has been proven. FEICA therefore suggests the development of risk-based mechanisms to assess exposure of both human beings and the environment.

    Criteria to define polymers requiring registration should be clear, scientifically sound and globally harmonised. Exemptions and reduced registration requirements, in applicable cases, should be considered by the legislator. FEICA and its members have shared their comments to the Wood/PFA with the European Commission.


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  • FEICA publishes Position Paper on biodegradability and compostability of packaging adhesives.pdf

    Uploaded August 12, 2020

    Position Paper on biodegradability and compostability of packaging adhesives

    One of the focus areas of the 2015 EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy is plastics. Following the growing awareness of the packaging supply chain, the types of plastic packaging marketed as ‘biodegradable’ or ‘(home) compostable’ has increased significantly and adhesives producing companies receive more and more customer requests regarding the biodegradability and compostability of their products.

    The adhesives industry is committed to positively contributing to the transition towards a circular economy and is making considerable efforts to work with its supply chain to better understand and mitigate the possible impact of adhesives on recycling of plastics packaging. 


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  • FEICA recommendation to adhesive suppliers and users on Assessment of PAAs in polyurethane adhesives intended to be used in food packaging.pdf

    Uploaded July 27, 2020

    FEICA recommendation on PAA in polyurethane adhesives for FC applications

    For many decades, reactive polyurethane adhesives have been used globally to manufacture flexible packaging in a safe and cost-effective way. Applying good manufacturing practice is key to achieving compliance with the demanding migration limits defined by food packaging regulations and preventing contamination of food through the migration of adhesive components which are not fully cured.

    Special attention has to be paid to laminates containing aromatic diisocyanate monomers which are not fully cured in the PU adhesive layer. If laminates with insufficient cure time come into contact with food too early, migration of such aromatic diisocyanate monomers through the film separating the adhesive from the food can occur and primary aromatic amines (PAA) will be formed. Therefore, the adhesive user has to be made aware how to test for compliance with the limits for PAA as part of good manufacturing practice.


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  • FEICA’s input to the European Commission plan to initiate a Renovation Wave.pdf

    Uploaded July 10, 2020

    FEICA’s input to the European Commission plan to initiate a Renovation Wave

    This paper highlights the key role our industry plays in delivering materials, products and technologies which ensure important aspects of circularity and sustainable development in the construction value chain. The “European Green Deal”, which aims to shape the EU economy for a sustainable future, was launched in December 2019 and gives due consideration to climate, green energy and industry-supported circularity. One particular focus of the European Green Deal is on the building sector and the planned Renovation Wave.

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  • FEICA publishes Summary Report of the FEICA risk assessment of cyclic esters in polyester adhesives.pdf

    Uploaded June 30, 2020

    FEICA publishes Summary Report of the FEICA risk assessment of cyclic esters in polyester adhesives

    Press release: FEICA has published a Summary Report of a FEICA risk assessment carried out on cyclic esters potentially present in polyester adhesives intended to be used in food contact materials. The FEICA document aims to provide the necessary information to help downstream users carry out their own risk assessments. The summary report published by FEICA intends to outline the main findings of the risk assessment and explain that human exposure to cyclic esters from polyester pre-polymers in food packaging adhesives is not relevant from a toxicological point of view.

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  • DUCC response to the Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.pdf

    Uploaded June 22, 2020

    DUCC response to the European Commission's Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

    FEICA Regulatory Affairs Manager Dimitris Soutzoukis, as Vice-Chair of DUCC, shared the attached comments with the European Commission.

    DUCC appreciates the European Commission efforts to build the CSS initiative based on the deliverables of the chemicals industry to secure and protect human health and the environment, by contributing to the European Green Deal. Further, DUCC calls for a CSS initiative that provides realistic objectives and acknowledges the industry efforts to achieve a safe, sustainable, innovative and competitive chemicals industry in Europe.

    DUCC represents more than 9.000 companies in Europe (mostly SMEs) that use chemicals to formulate mixtures (as finished or intermediary products) for professional and industrial users, as well as for consumers. More on DUCC is available on the FEICA public website.


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  • FEICA/EURADH announce winner of the 2020 Adhesion Innovation Award.pdf

    Uploaded June 17, 2020

    FEICA/EURADH announce winner of the 2020 Adhesion Innovation Award

    Press Release: The second FEICA/EURADH Adhesion Innovation Award was won by Ms Elisa Arikan (Dipl.-Ing.) for her paper on ‘Structural adhesive bonding of polymers - Surface characteristics and adhesion mechanism’.

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  • FEICA CONNECT - May/June 2020, Issue 40.pdf

    Uploaded May 26, 2020

    FEICA CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry. This is Issue 40 of FEICA CONNECT.



    - Overview of courses in adhesion & bonding now available on the FEICA website

    - FEICA appoints new Secretary General

    - European Green Deal: How adhesives and sealants help make it happen

    - Join our webinar on a FEICA risk assessment for cyclic esters

    - Ten outstanding entries submitted for the 2020 Adhesion Innovation Award

    - FEICA OCF Test Methods approved as CEN standards

    - Challenges and expectations for downstream users of chemicals

    - Reaction to the EU's 'New Industrial Strategy for Europe'

    - ECHA's response to COVID-19 | A farewell at FEICA


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  • Adhesives and Sealants in Support of the European Green Deal.pdf

    Uploaded May 23, 2020

    ASI, the Adhesives & Sealants Industry Journal, publishes FEICA article “Adhesives and Sealants in Support of the European Green Deal” in their May/June 2020 issue. The article is based on the message recently developed by the FEICA Advocacy Group. 

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  • Press Release: FEICA appoints new Secretary General.pdf

    Uploaded May 06, 2020

    Press Release: Kristel Ons succeeds Philip Bruce as Secretary General of FEICA with effect from 15 June 2020.

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