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  • FEICA Supporting Paper - SCEDs Consumer Habits Survey.pdf

    Uploaded 10 Feb 2017

    FEICA Supporting Paper on consumer habits related to Specific Consumers Exposure Determinants (SCEDs) under REACH

    The FEICA SCEDs cover a full range of consumer habits, in terms of use frequency, duration and amount of adhesive or sealant product used. They are based on information about the identification of habits and practices originally developed under the scope of the ConsExpo project (RIVM 2007) and further complemented with company data plus a recent FEICA survey on consumer habits.

    The present summary covers the results of the survey, conducted between November 2014 and January 2015 covering 3 countries in Western, Southern, and Northern Europe, with representative respondents.


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  • Update on ECHA activities January 2017.pdf

    For members Uploaded 08 Feb 2017

    FEICA reports on various ECHA activities through the usual channels. Sometimes an additional update such as this one is published for our members with a recap of recent and general news.

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  • Klarheit schaffen.pdf

    For members Uploaded 03 Feb 2017

    Feica in the news: Farbe und Lack, the German edition of the European Coatings Journal (ECJ), has published FEICA's article 'Klarheit schaffen' on Food Contact Materials (FCMs) in their February 2017 issue. In the article, FEICA explains how the adhesives industry is working hard to ensure that its products are safe.

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  • FEICA Position Paper - Mineral oil and adhesives for cardboard packaging.pdf

    For members Uploaded 31 Jan 2017

    FEICA Position Paper on mineral oil and adhesives for cardboard packaging.

    Upon the request of food retailers in France, FEICA has developed a set of recommendations regarding mineral oil in adhesives intended to be used in cardboard packaging for food contact applications.

    FEICA gives clear guidance to adhesive companies to choose the right raw materials and to produce packaging adhesives under good manufacturing practice. For more details, please consult the FEICA guidance papers: ‘Food contact status declaration for adhesives’ and ‘FEICA guidance for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the Food Contact section of our public website.

    #paper&packaging #mineraloil #MOAH

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  • FEICA CONNECT - January 2017, issue 28.pdf

    Uploaded 31 Jan 2017

    FEICA CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry. FEICA Connect is published in January, May, June/July (Special Conference Issue) and in October.

    In this issue:

    • FEICA unveils new logo
    • TheFEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO 2017, Sardinia, Italy
    • Driving Innovation
    • Good practice in the adhesive and sealant industry
    • FEICA Sustainable Development Agenda translated | A Sticky Subject
    • REACH2018 | Responsible chemical management across the globe
    • OpenFoodTox | News from the EU
    • New National Food Law in Switzerland
    • New FEICA Member


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  • History of bonding and adhesives - adhesives and sealants.pdf

    Uploaded 24 Jan 2017

    Man first exploited bonding technology 200,000 years ago. Today, innovation continues apace. The history of bonding is a fascinating tribute to human ingenuity. 


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  • Press Release | FEICA unveils new logo.pdf

    Uploaded 24 Jan 2017

    FEICA unveils new logo signalling the association's dynamic and innovative future.



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  • Adhesives as a Food Contact Material.pdf

    For members Uploaded 19 Jan 2017

    Feica in the news: The European Coatings Journal (ECJ),FEICA explains that the adhesives industry is working hard to ensure that its products are safe and that it has now published several guidance papers to help its members and other actors of the food contact material supply chain to ensure that the final packaging is safe.  

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  • FEICA in the news - FEICA publishes Use Maps to help improve communication under REACH.pdf

    Uploaded 22 Dec 2016

    Polymers Paint Colour Journal (PPCJ), Vol. 206 - n° 4627, December 2016.

    In this article, Divina Goméz, Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, said that she "urges registrants to use the data contained in the FECA Use Maps to prepare or update their REACH dossiers."

    All information on the FEICA Use Maps can be found on the FEICA website here.

    #REACH #exposurescenarios #health&safety

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  • OCF TM 1005 Cutting Time of an OCF canister foam.pdf

    Uploaded 20 Dec 2016

    TM 1005 - Cutting Time of an OCF canister foam

    FEICA’s OCF Technical Working Group has developed a new range of standard test methods that deliver realistic, reproducible results for One-Component Foam (OCF) products. Find out more about the FEICA Test Methods in the OCF section of our website.


    #OCF #testmethods

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