• Press Release: FEICA hosts first Suppliers Day.pdf

    Uploaded September 09, 2021

    Press Release: FEICA hosts first Suppliers Day

    FEICA’s virtual Suppliers’ Day on 8 September 2021 provided an online platform for producers of adhesives and sealants to meet with the industry’s suppliers. 250 registrants from 26 countries attended.

    Publication ref.: FPR-EX-K09-045

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  • FEICA CONNECT 45 - August 2021.pdf

    Uploaded August 18, 2021

    FEICA CONNECT - Issue 45

    CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry.



    - The FEICA Online EXPO has been launched

    - Check out the FEICA Suppliers' Day programme

    - FEICA webinar on the upcoming registration of polymers

    - The EU regulation on diisocyanates

    - Mixture Assessment Factor (MAF) explained

    - FEICA’s five Guiding Principles in support of a successful European Green Deal

    - Interview with FEICA President, Roland Albers

    - FEICA Members Portraits: Bostik and SIKA


    Publication ref.: FNL-EX-K08-43


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  • FEICA CONNECT 44 | June 2021.pdf

    Uploaded June 04, 2021

    FEICA CONNECT - Issue 44

    CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry.



    - FEICA Suppliers' Day

    - FEICA organises online EXPO

    - Programmes of the FEICA webinars available online

    - The FEICA 'PU info' page

    - FEICA leaflet on Diisocyanates restriction compliance

    - FEICA webinar 'Complying with the REACH Restriction on Diisocyanates'

    - FEICA has moved

    - FEICA Amended Statutes and Internal Rules

    - SAVE THE DATE for FEICA 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

    - FEICA joint Press Release in response to the EU Industrial Strategy

    - FEICA Supporting Partner of ALMA

    - FEICA Members Portraits: Arlanxeo, CPG Europe and Sapici



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  • FEICA Joint Press Release with the Construction 2050 Alliance on the construction value chain .pdf

    Uploaded May 18, 2021

    Press Release: EU Industrial Strategy: the construction value chain stands ready to define a pathway for transition to achieve EU goals

    On 5 May 2021,  the European Commission released the new EU Industrial Strategy, which puts a renewed focus on the key ecosystems, including construction. FEICA, as member of the Construction 2050 Alliance, welcomes the priority given to the construction ecosystem as one of the sectors that faces the most important challenges in meeting climate and sustainability goals and in embracing the digital transformation.

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  • Afera and FEICA to step up collaboration.pdf

    Uploaded April 20, 2021

    Afera and FEICA to step up collaboration

    The associations will cooperate more closely on key issues of overlapping interest, such as the European Green Deal and other regulatory affairs, for the benefit of the entire industry.

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  • Shortage of raw materials for the adhesives and sealants industry .pdf

    Uploaded March 09, 2021

    Shortage of raw materials - March 2021

    Plant shutdowns in Europe and the USA, as well as severely limited sea and land freight capacities, are affecting the availability of raw materials for the adhesives and sealants industry. 


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  • FEICA CONNECT 43 - January/February 2021.pdf

    Uploaded February 16, 2021

    FEICA CONNECT | Issue 43

    CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry. 



    - FEICA webinar on the review of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

    - Upcoming FEICA webinars

    - FEICA in 2020

    - Position paper on the registration of polymers 

    - New ASC/FEICA/CATIA Classification Manual

    - FEICA postpones its conference to 2022 - Save the date for FEICA 2022

    - FEICA updates Use Maps to help improve communication under REACH

    - 'A Safe Future for Polyurethane (PU) products' - leaflet now available in 8 languages

    - Brexit: Important consequences for our industry

    - announces new date for the 10th World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC)

    - FEICA launches FAQ webpage on its public website

    - Member Portraits: Eastman, H.B.Fuller and Imerys



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  • FEICA Joint Press Release with ASC & CATIA.pdf

    Uploaded February 06, 2021

    Press Release: ASC, CATIA, and FEICA announce revisions to joint adhesives and sealants classification manual

    The classification manual is intended to ensure harmonised terminology and market segmentation.


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  • Press Release: FEICA position on the registration of polymers.pdf

    Uploaded January 25, 2021

    Press Release: FEICA position paper explains the perspective of the adhesives and sealants industry regarding the registration of polymers

    FEICA highlights the importance of a reasonable and workable approach to the extension of registration requirements to polymers.


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  • FEICA CONNECT 42 - November 2020.pdf

    Uploaded November 11, 2020

    FEICA CONNECT is the quarterly newsletter for FEICA members and stakeholders of the adhesive and sealant industry. 



    - FEICA organises webinar 'Adhesives and sealants, enablers of the EU Green Deal’

    - The 2020 FEICA General Assembly

    - FEICA/CURRENTA TM for measuring free monomeric isocyanates in mixtures

    - FEICA 2021: Save the Date

    - Meet FEICA’s new Secretary General

    - Our industry's continued support of the European Green Deal

    - Growing steadily: Good Practice stories

    - FEICA participates in ASEFCA webinar

    - FEICA publishes Position on the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

    - Position Paper on low-volume customised polymers at the end of the supply chain

    - Practical info on trade post-Brexit

    - FEICA leaflet 'A safe future for polyurethane products' now available in 7 languages

    - To watch: FEICA presence at two upcoming conferences on Food Contact

    - FEICA's Model Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) survey results

    - Book your expo table at the FEICA 2021 Conference and EXPO 

    - New FEICA Member: Avery Dennison

    - Member Portraits: Kaneka, Lanxess and Lohmann



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