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  • FEICA Guidance Paper 2023 - Migration testing of adhesives intended for food contact materials.pdf

    Uploaded 11 May 2023

    Migration testing of adhesives intended for food contact materials (2023)

    This is an update of the FEICA Guidance Paper 2016. This guidance paper forms part of a package on migration testing of non-plastic food contact materials developed by several sector associations from the packaging supply chain. 

    The document outlines the specific guidelines for conformity testing of adhesives as components of food contact materials.

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    Publication ref.: GUP-EX-F03-010_v2

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  • FEICA Webinar: Adhesives in Paper and Board Recycling.pdf

    Uploaded 30 Mar 2023

    FEICA Webinar Presentation - 30 March 2023

    During this webinar, titled ‘Adhesives in the context of paper and board recycling - state of play’, we discussed adhesive technologies, their chemistry and the steps adhesives take through the paper mill and repulping process. Our speakers also highlighted some points of importance regarding testing and evaluation methods to encourage both cooperation within the supply chain and future discussions with stakeholders.

    The webinar recording is also available via this link.

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  • FEICA position on the CLP Revision.pdf

    Uploaded 21 Mar 2023

    FEICA position on the CLP Revision

    The European Commission has adopted a proposal to revise the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP) Regulation, confirming the ambitions laid out in the proposal’s inception impact assessment by including provisions aiming at better identifying and classifying hazardous chemicals, and improving communication on chemical hazards, including that by online suppliers.

    Revising the CLP means changing the foundation of one of the most comprehensive pieces of hazard communication legislation in the world, and it is important to consider sectorial implications. Please see FEICA's comments on certain points of the revision in this FEICA Position Paper on the CLP Revision.

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    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M03-011

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  • FEICA positions on Polymers Requiring Registration.pdf

    Uploaded 21 Mar 2023

    FEICA Positions on Polymers Requiring Registration (PRR)

    As part of the ambitions outlined in the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), the European Commission is working on a proposal to register polymers under REACH.

    FEICA supports a regulatory framework for the registration of polymers under REACH that places equal weight on the protection of human health and the environment, and the competitiveness and innovation of the European Industry. To achieve this goal, FEICA considers it important that some points are taken into account, which it has outlined in this FEICA Position Paper on PRR.


    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M03-010

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  • Adhesives and sealants unique properties in electronics and disassembly functions.pdf

    Uploaded 28 Feb 2023

    Adhesives and sealants’ unique properties in electronics and disassembly functions

    FEICA actively supports efforts to improve product efficiency and circularity to help create a more sustainable society. This FEICA Position paper discusses adhesives and sealants’ unique properties in the electronics sector and how adhesives and sealants enable electronics reusability, repairability and recyclability.

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    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M01-008

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  • Cornerstones for the new EU Construction Products Regulation.pdf

    Uploaded 17 Feb 2023

    Cornerstones for the new EU Construction Products Regulation - Impetus for the ongoing discussion process

    FEICA and Deutsche Bauchemie position paper that covers ongoing developments in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). FEICA NAMs can also use this document when approaching relevant stakeholders in the EU Council.


    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M01-005

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  • Proposal for the introduction of a MAF.pdf

    Uploaded 03 Feb 2023

    Proposal for the introduction of a Mixture Assessment Factor (MAF)

    FEICA conducted an analysis of the impacts of applying a MAF to substances used by A&S companies and proposes a targeted application of the MAF which should only be applied to environmental risks and bio-accumulative and persistent substances used in high tonnages and wide, dispersive uses.

    Consult the FEICA proposal and analysis here.


    Publication ref.: POP-EX-M01-003

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  • GRA_explained.pdf

    Uploaded 13 Jan 2023

    FEICA document: The Generic Risk Management Approach (GRA)

    This document explains the European Commission’s proposal to extend the Generic Risk Management Approach (GRA). The approach involves the automatic triggering of management measures based on hazard. It includes a general explanation, the impact of the GRA and FEICA’s proposal.


    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-L12-063

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  • FEICA input to the Revision of EU rules on FCMs.pdf

    Uploaded 23 Dec 2022

    FEICA input to the Revision of EU rules on food contact materials

    FEICA welcomed the opportunity to provide input to the European Commission’s public consultation on the Revision of EU rules on food contact materials (FCMs). This document includes FEICA’s input with supplementary comments in relation to some of the responses given in the questionnaire.


    Publication ref.: POP-EX-L12-068

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  • Executive Summaries FEICA Priorities.pdf

    Uploaded 08 Dec 2022

    Updated Overview of Executive Summaries - FEICA Priorities

    FEICA has prepared Executive Summaries on some of the most important EU initiatives for the adhesives and sealants industry. The first nine Executive Summaries were published in September 2022. Three new Executive Summaries were made available in December 2022. This document provides an overview and a brief description of all executive summaries.


    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-L12-067

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