Paper & Packaging and Food Contact

FEICA is committed to inform on the safety of our products in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream, as well as about their sustainability aspect.

FEICA has published guidance documents and recommendations to help producers and users of paper and packaging adhesives such as packaging converters, their downstream users and other stakeholders, such as legislators.

Some documents are reserved for FEICA member companies, national associations and their member companies and can be accessed via the FEICA Extranet.

An overview of Guidance Papers on Sustainability and Recycling
An overview of Guidance Papers on Food Contact


30 March 2023 - FEICA Webinar - Adhesives in the context of paper and board recycling

During this webinar, we discussed adhesive technologies, their chemistry and the steps adhesives take through the paper mill and repulping process. Our speakers also highlighted some points of importance regarding testing and evaluation methods to encourage both cooperation within the supply chain and future discussions with stakeholders.

The presentation slides can be viewed here. The recording of the webinar is available via this link.

3 March 2022 - PTS Conference 'Paper & Board for Food Contact'

On 3 March 2022, Dr Monika Tönnießen, Head of Food Safety Compliance - Global Food Safety, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Henkel, represented FEICA at the PTS Conference 'Paper & Board for Food Contact', with a presentation on ‘Ensuring the safety of adhesives for food packaging’.

To consult the presentation, click here.

28 April 2021 - FEICA Webinar - Communicating on adhesives in plastic recycling

During this webinar, FEICA elaborated on adhesives in plastic packaging and how to correctly communicate specifications. These were the key takeaways:

  • Cooperation in the supply chain is key to successfully implementing a circular economy
  • Speaking the same language will help the supply chain to collaborate efficiently
  • Adhesives and adhesive applications are subject to constant innovation and optimisation. Technology-neutral guidelines help enable and accommodate these innovations

Please consult the presentation slides of the FEICA webinar ‘Communicating on adhesives in plastic recycling or download the FEICA paper ‘Terminology and definitions to be used in the context of plastic packaging recycling’ for more information on this topic.

17 March 2021 - FEICA Webinar - Testing project on hotmelts for food packaging

FEICA organised this webinar to inform stakeholders about the FEICA project aimed at supporting our customers in their compliance work and help them to demonstrate the safety of our adhesives in their products. These were the main takeaways:

  • Typical hotmelts for food packaging do not contain mineral oil 
  • The FEICA testing project could demonstrate the safety of representative hotmelts for food contact materials
  • A correlation can be established between extraction, simulation and testing on real foodstuff when simulation will predict real migration with a safety margin 

You can also view the webinar presentation slides on the FEICA website.

4 June 2020 - FEICA Webinar - A FEICA risk assessment for cyclic esters

During this webinar, Matthias Frischmann, food chemist and Head of Corporate Analytics at Henkel in Düsseldorf introduced the topic of cyclic esters, explained the risk assessment that was carried out and the responsibilities of each actor in the supply chain of PU and heat seal adhesives. 

A summary of the report and the slides of the FEICA risk assessment of cyclic esters in polyester adhesives are available on the FEICA extranet.

28 September 2017 - FEICA Seminar - Safe adhesives for safe food

FEICA held a seminar titled 'Safe Adhesives for Safe Food' for all actors in the supply chain.  The seminar concentrated on migration testing of adhesives and especially the testing of the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons.

The proceedings are available for download by clicking on the titles.