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  • FEICA impact assessment on the EU PLC definition and the definition of polymeric precursors.pdf

    Uploaded December 14, 2021

    FEICA impact assessment on the EU polymers of low concern (PLC) definition and the definition of polymeric precursors

    The fifth CARACAL Subgroup polymers meeting was held on 20 October 2021. FEICA submitted some initial comments after the CASG meeting. In this FEICA paper, we share additional figures from members on the impact of certain measures before the 6th CASG meeting.

    Publication ref.: POP-EX-K12-054

    #REACH #polymers

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  • Defining a reasonable, safe and efficient system for the notification of polymers.pdf

    Uploaded November 17, 2021

    Defining a system for the notification of polymers

    The European Commission is working to extend registration requirements for polymers, currently exempted from registration under EU REACH. The Commission is considering requesting industry to notify of certain polymers’ information. This FEICA leaflet explains why the notification of polymers should be limited to a concise dataset and analytical or test data should not be required at the notification stage.

    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-K10-052

    #REACH #polymers

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  • FEICA response after the 5th CARACAL Polymers meeting.pdf

    Uploaded November 15, 2021

    FEICA response after the 5th CARACAL Polymers meeting

    The European Commission is working on a proposal to extend registration requirements to polymers (currently exempted) under REACH. The FEICA polymers task force is very active on the topic, being represented in the CARACAL polymers subgroup (CASG polymers) with two seats.

    This paper includes FEICA’s comments from the 5th CASG polymers meeting which was held on 20 October 2021. It discusses the polyesters exemption, the definition of polymers of low concern, the polymeric precursors exemption, the grouping of polymers and the notification of polymers.

    Publication ref.: POP-EX-K11-062

    #REACH #polymers

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  • FEICA Polymeric Precursors.pdf

    Uploaded November 10, 2021

    Polymeric Precursors Exemption

    Within the context of the registration of polymers, a potential exemption for polymeric precursors is under consideration. The European Commission is proposing an exemption for polymeric precursors handled like intermediates under REACH. Given the importance for the adhesive and sealant industry, FEICA published a presentation explaining the difference between polymeric precursors and intermediates, and the benefits of a full exemption for polymeric precursors.

    You can view the presentation here.

    Publication ref.: FMI-EX-K11-061

    #REACH #polymers

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  • BASA Advisory note to FEICA - UKREACH.pdf

    For members Uploaded October 19, 2021

    BASA Advisory Note on UKREACH for EU suppliers into GB market

    Lorna Williams, BASA Executive Officer and General Secretary, has shared an advisory note for FEICA members on UKREACH and the implications for EU suppliers to GB customers. As with EU REACH most polymers are currently exempt from UKREACH registration obligations, but the monomers and chemical substances used to manufacture polymers are required to be registered if imported into GB above 1T per annum (the same as for EU REACH). BASA is producing templates, guides, and advice to BASA member companies, and these are available on the Members-only area of the BASA website. For more information on UKREACH or BASA membership, please visit the BASA Website

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  • FEICA comments after fourth CASG polymers.pdf

    Uploaded July 26, 2021

    FEICA comments after fourth CASG polymers meeting

    The ‘Thought Starter on substance identification and joint submission obligations of Polymers Requiring Registration’, developed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), was discussed during the fourth CARACAL subgroup (CASG) polymers meeting on 22 June (Agenda item 4: CASG-Polymers/05/2021).

    FEICA submitted some initial comments regarding the paper in advance of the CASG meeting. These are the additional comments on the paper, in line with the discussions held during the meeting. 


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  • REACH Restriction Concerning the Use of Diisocyanates.pdf

    Uploaded July 01, 2021

    Feica in the news: REACH Restriction Concerning the Use of Diisocyanates

    FEICA contributed an article to the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL Issue 2/2021). The publication covers the requirements established by the diisocyanates restriction. 

    Diisocyanates are basic components of polyurethane (PU) used in the manufacture of adhesives and sealants and many other products. The FEICA webpage on the safe use of diisocyanates is regularly updated in line with the regulatory developments. The full article can be consulted here.

    #diisocyanates #REACH

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  • FEICA Briefing Paper Cleaning of OCF guns.pdf

    For members Uploaded July 01, 2021

    FEICA Briefing Paper: Cleaning of OCF guns

    FEICA created a briefing paper titled 'Cleaning of OCF guns'. 


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  • FEICA webinar on the upcoming registration of polymers.pdf

    Uploaded June 24, 2021

    Presentation slides of the FEICA webinar ‘The Upcoming Registration of Polymers under REACH’ – 23 June 2021

    Key takeaways:

    - The REACH Regulation will be amended to extend the registration requirements to polymers, among other things

    - The use of polymers within the adhesives and sealants industry is very widespread. Polymers are the chemicals which enable adhesives and sealants to work

    - Customisation of the polymers included in adhesives and sealants often results in a large number of new polymer species, often with a short life cycle

    - Customisation is required in order to fulfil technical feasibility and customer requirements as well as regulatory needs

    - Many companies customising polymers currently acting as downstream users (DUs) under REACH legislation may become potential polymer registrants

    - An easy and straightforward registration process should be ensured to allow the flexibility needed to adapt polymers to market needs on short notice

    - Exemptions, the possibility to group similar polymers, and volume cutoffs would help mitigate the impact of registration on downstream users

    For more information and FEICA papers related to Polymers Requiring Registration (PRR), please visit this page on the FEICA website.


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  • FEICA comments on ECHA Thought Starter on SID polymers.pdf

    Uploaded June 21, 2021

    FEICA comments on ECHA’s 'Thought Starter on SID polymers'

    FEICA welcomes the opportunity to comment and appreciates the comprehensive and pragmatic Thought Starter on substance identification and joint submission obligations of Polymers Requiring Registration developed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

    In advance of the discussion during the CASG meeting on 22 June 2021 (Agenda item 4: CASG-Polymers/05/2021), we would like to share some initial comments regarding the paper.


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