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  • Press Release | FEICA appoints successor to its retiring Secretary General.pdf

    Uploaded September 15, 2016

    Philip Bruce succeeds Bernard Ghyoot as Secretary General of FEICA.



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  • FEICA Constitution and By-laws.pdf

    Uploaded April 07, 2016

    The FEICA Constitution (Statutes) and bylaws, first published in Belgium on 26 October 2006. The latest modification was approved at the General Assembly on 12 September 2018.


    In 1972 FEICA (Fédération Européenne des Industries de Colles et Adhésifs) was formally founded at the first General Assembly in Rome. Mr. Wilfried de Kesel, Fédération des Industries Chimiques de Belgique, was elected as first president of the new Association of  the European Adhesive and Sealants Industry. The German adhesives association in Düsseldorf provided the secretariat.


    Since its inception, FEICA has continued to grow and expand its areas of interest. Although for many years a federation of national adhesive and sealants associations, in 2007 FEICA expanded the membership structure to include direct company members and associate company members. 


    In January 2007 the FEICA secretariat and office was relocated near the premises of the European Chemical Council (CEFIC) in Brussels. This has enabled FEICA to become more closely involved with the European Commission and other EU institutions and to build relationships with the chemical producer and other chemical user associations and advance the interests of the adhesive and sealant industry.


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