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  • Guidance at a glance - ES series (1) - ECHA's CSR/ES roadmap - FEICA's contribution.pdf

    For members Uploaded December 01, 2015

    This first document in the 'Guidance at a Glance - Exposure Scenarios (ES) Series' is a general document to explain FEICA’s contribution to ECHA’s Chemical Safety Report/Exposure Scenario (CSR/ES) roadmap, which sets out an action plan to improve the mechanisms needed to get ready for the next REACH registration deadline in 2018.

    FEICA, as an active participant in the programme is committed to deliver its plan actions to achieve the goals of the REACH Regulation for the safe use of chemicals.

    To that aim, FEICA has been an active contributor to the development of aspects of the Roadmap, either alone or through its participation in the Downstream Users of Chemicals Coordination group (DUCC). To ensure the link with the registrants, FEICA also collaborates with CEFIC to bring the views of the downstream users.

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  • FEICA Factsheet on Exposure Scenarios (ES) - 24 May 2013.pdf

    For members Uploaded November 25, 2015

    FEICA Factsheet on Exposure Scenarios (ES) for Adhesives and Sealants

    The fundamental aim of the REACH Regulation is to ensure that all uses are safe to both human health and environment. For that purpose, one ‘communication tool’ requested by REACH is the Exposure Scenarios (‘ES’), or set of information that describes how to use a substance safely. An ‘ES’ covers, therefore, either exposure assessments for the different uses (industrial, professional and consumer) or the environment.

    FEICA is currently carrying out three projects to develop the information on operational conditions and risk management measures for typical adhesive and sealants (A&S) applications. The projects address worker, consumer, and environmental safety by the so-called Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES), Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants (SCEDs), and Specific Environmental Release Categories (SPERCs) respectively.

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  • FEICA Internal Briefing - Use of borates in adhesives.pdf

    For members Uploaded September 17, 2015

    2014 - FEICA Internal Briefing Paper- Uses of Borax and/or Boric acid in adhesives preparations and applications (Publ. ref. FAS-IN-D02-001).

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