Courses in adhesion and bonding

Science drives innovations that allow Europe to maintain its competitive edge in the global marketplace and improve the well-being of citizens worldwide. The adhesive and sealant industry for example enables a wide range of consumer and industrial products to be manufactured and makes a growing contribution to a sustainable and circular economy.

With a variety of natural and synthetic technologies available, adhesives and sealants can be customised to meet the most challenging product or application requirements. They are essential components in paper and packaging applications, machinery, construction, transportation, consumer goods and other sectors. In Europe, the industry is worth more than 17 billion euros and offers a wide choice of career opportunities, ranging from building envelope design and improving food safety, through designing efficient vehicles to enabling sustainable spacecraft.

To encourage young graduates to specialise in adhesion and bonding, scientists to explore the whole spectrum of our sector and existing professionals to refresh their knowledge, FEICA is now maintaining a list of adhesion and bonding courses at universities and institutes throughout Europe, including industry training by the National Adhesive and Sealant Associations. Specific features for each course, such as format, duration and description, are available in this overview.

You can find the course overview in the Information centre section titled 'Courses'.

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