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FEICA 2024 Conference and EXPO

FEICA 2024 Keynote speakers confirmed for the Business Forum

Isabelle Kocher de Leyritz, Chairperson and CEO Blunomy. As the former CEO of ENGIE, she halved the carbon emissions of what was once the world’s third-largest carbon emitter.

Peter Hinssen, serial entrepreneur and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

Dr Rawa Ammar, Chief Sustainability & Impact Officer at Resortecs, a company that enables circularity in the fashion and textile industries through innovative design-for-disassembly technology.

Business Forum “Economic Resilience through Sustainable Solutions”, Thursday, 12 September 2024, 8:30 – 12:30.

FEICA Master Class - ‘The Potential of Digitalisation and AI’

The Master Class is designed for industry professionals and leaders who are keen on exploring the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and digitalisation. Master Class speakers will discuss the evolution of digitalisation, uncover the potential of AI, and present practical strategies for implementing AI solutions to drive efficiency, innovation and competitive advantage in manufacturing. 

Master Class - The Potential of Digitalisation and AI, Friday 13 September, 8:30 – 10:30. 


FEICA 2024 is sponsored by: 


Book your spot on feica-conferences.com. Early bird ends in 5 days!


FEICA Regulatory Desk

FEICA on laminating adhesives in flexible plastic packaging recycling

FEICA published a report on packaging recycling, focussing on laminating adhesives in flexible plastic packaging. Flexible packaging provides light and effective protection for various products, and laminating adhesives are essential in joining flexible structures. The full version is publicly available at this link.          

Following up on this topic, FEICA held a webinar on 23 April  ‘Laminating adhesives in flexible packaging recycling’. The webinar explored the use of laminating adhesives, recycling testing protocols, and industry R&D to improve recyclability. The speakers of the FEICA webinar were Jana Cohrs-Rahmoun (FEICA), Christos Lecou (Covestro), Arne Jost (Henkel), Sergio Doldi (COIM), and Marc Defoin (Bostik).

 At the conclusion of the webinar, three takeaways were identified:

  1. Laminating adhesives are needed to create flexible packaging that is lightweight and environmentally efficient
  2. Flexible packaging with laminating adhesives can be recycled, and the adhesives industry is working on new ways to improve the quality of recycled material
  3. The A&S industry is dedicated to learning and understanding the best solutions for flexible packaging and to collaborating with other stakeholders in the supply chain

πŸ”— View/download the presentation slides  
πŸ”— View the webinar recording

The Eco-design and Energy Labelling Consultation of the European Commission (EC)

FEICA submitted feedback on the ongoing eco-design-related discussions for both front tumble dryers and computers. Concerning tumble dryers, FEICA shared the following points:

  • Equal Scoring for Fasteners: Reusable and resupplied fasteners should receive the same score (10 points) since both contribute to product trust and extended lifetime
  • Differentiation Concerns: FEICA expressed concerns about differentiating between fastener types, since the Commission repeatedly highlighted in the past that there is no intention of discriminating between fastener types
  • Technical Reasons: Resupplied fasteners (at no cost) are preferred due to technical limitations of other kinds (e.g., plastic fasteners breaking, need for perfect sealing)

On the consultation forum for computers, FEICA submitted the following input:

  • Fastener Differentiation: FEICA expressed concern about introducing a new category of reusable captive fasteners, which would create material differentiation. FEICA requested deletion of this proposal, as it contradicts previous official positions by the EC and Joint Research Centre
  • Captive Fastener Issues: Reusable captive fasteners may be damaged during repair due to screwing or force during installation

New FEICA Task Force on substitution planning

The European Commission held a workshop on substitution of hazardous chemicals to strengthen the role of substitution planning within REACH and other EU chemicals legislation. FEICA established a new working group focussed on this matter, and representatives from the newly formed task force  ‘Substitution Planning’ participated in their first workshop on 1 March 2024. FEICA collaborates closely with DUCC to develop a joint proposal for assessing alternatives.

FEICA Co-signs

Cross sectoral statement supporting the mass balance credit method with a fuel-use exempt model for the calculation of recycled content in plastics products

To advance towards a circular economy, the European Chemical industry requires consistent regulations to allocate investments for chemical recycling technologies, projected at €8 billion by 2030. Industry consensus supports the mass balance credit approach, with a fuel-use exemption, for calculating recycled content in plastics, aligning with DG Environment’s draft proposal. The European Parliament has dismissed a resolution that would have postponed the clarification of mass balance rules for recycled plastic until 2026-27. For the full text of the statement, see here.

The Antwerp Declaration for an Industrial Deal

The call for a new Industrial Deal by over a thousand organisations across Europe emphasises the need for it to be a priority in the next European Commission and Parliament’s agenda. FEICA endorses the Antwerp Declaration, advocating for a robust European industry that supports the green and digital transition, addressing key areas such as public funding, energy, infrastructure, raw materials, circular economy, a single market, innovation, law-making and governance. Read the declaration here.        



How adhesives and sealants contribute to Europe’s energy goals

The new FEICA blog has been launched! This platform aims to enlighten readers about the sustainability impact of adhesives and sealants. In the inaugural issue, Kristel Ons, FEICA’s Secretary General, explores how these materials are leveraging Europe’s 2,500 hours of sunlight for sustainability. The full blog article can be found here.


FEICA Network 

13 March 2024 - Dimitris Soutzoukis, FEICA’s Senior Regulatory Manager, participated in the 42nd CEN TC 193 (Adhesives) meeting in Madrid, organised by UNE, the Spanish Association for Standardisation. The meeting was a key platform to discuss the work of CEN Working Groups, new ISO studies on adhesive bonding technologies, and circular economy updates relevant to industries like construction and the automotive, including CEN Standards related to the circular economy. 

15 March - Jana Cohrs, Executive Director Regulatory Affairs, participated in the workshop on supporting the impact assessment on the revision of EU legislation on food contact materials. This workshop was organised by Ernest and Young on behalf for the European Commission and discussed different types of digital infrastructures that might deliver more transparency and efficiency for the information flow in the food contact material supply chain. 

11 – 13 April 2024 - Paula Rodriguez, FEICA’s Senior Regulatory Manager and Chair of DUCC, inaugurated the 14th Helsinki Chemical Forum in Finland. The forum featured a key discussion on the role of substitution planning in creating regulatory certainty, fostering investment in safer alternatives and expediting the substitution process. Additionally, Paula Rodriguez had a strategic meeting with the ‘Supply Chain Communication and Risk Management’ Unit and the Chair of SEAC at the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), where views were exchanged on regulatory matters, including improving supply chain communication and assessing alternatives to aid the Commission’s study on substitution planning.

15 April 2024 - Dimitris Soutzoukis, FEICA’s Senior Regulatory Manager, attended the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Brussels, where he participated in a session on the EU Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP). Leveraging FEICA’s insights on the adhesives and sealants (A&S) industry’s sustainable practices, Dimitris Soutzoukis shared examples of FEICA’s good practices. Read them at this link.

15 – 17 April 2024 Kristel Ons, FEICA’S Secretary General, joined the ASC Convention, Annual Conference and Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, the U.S.A., where she also presented a market update concerning the status of the adhesives and sealants industry in Europe.  Kristel Ons thanks Bill Allmond, ASC President, for the hospitality. 


FEICA Members


In this issue of CONNECT 56, we give a member of FEICA the opportunity to share, in its own words, interesting insights into its company in 'fascinating facts'. In this issue, we present Kraton.

As one of the world's leading producers of specialty polymers and biobased pine chemicals, Kraton creates innovative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. With over 700 customers in 70 countries globally, our solutions address multi-market needs that deliver exceptional value for our customers and the world. Our long-standing commitment to sustainability has been recognised with the Ecovadis Platinum Sustainability Rating three years in a row. Kraton’s global footprint, extensive expertise and integrated portfolio of high-quality products help push the boundaries of performance to power the future of innovation.

Kraton’s vision is to create innovative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow, and its core values of Safety & Integrity, Creativity, Teamwork, Ownership, Courage and Agility are the pillars that drive Kraton to make a Positive Difference in the world. Furthermore, focussing on boosting strategic growth, optimising operational excellence, leading high-performing teams and having a sustainable business model is pivotal to achieving and excelling in its vision.

As the inventor of styrenic block copolymers (SBCs), Kraton is proud to be a global leader in polymer solutions. With over 65 years of development, SBC technology has revolutionised countless industries, from adhesives to paving to medical solutions, and is found in hundreds of products used daily around the globe. Kraton enables customers to improve product performance and efficiency, extend product life, and design for recyclability. By developing high-performance solutions, Kraton is making a positive difference for its customers and the world.

Pine chemicals are produced from a renewable by-product of the paper and pulp industry and sourced from responsibly managed forests. These biobased solutions allow customers to respond to global sustainability challenges, including climate change, preserving food for a growing global population, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. Kraton offers USDA BioPreferred® Certified Products, using the widely recognised ASTM D6866 standard. The USDA has recognised Kraton as a BioPreferred® Program Champion to signify its long-term commitment to supporting the bioeconomy and bettering the planet. Kraton’s USDA Products can be used in a variety of applications, including hotmelt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, wood working, flooring adhesives and hygiene.

As a committed member of FEICA, Kraton supports the efforts in advocating the adhesives and sealant industry to the European Commission. Through the FEICA conference and EXPO, we are able to continue and follow the sustainability dialogue with industry leaders and experts. Kraton, being a leader in SBC polymers and pine chemicals, sees its responsibility to do so. More information is available at www.kraton.com.


FEICA Events

FEICA Webinar – 6 June 2024, 10:30 – 12:00 – 'Understanding the CLP Revision'

Join the webinar on the CLP Revision hosted by our Regulatory Affairs Manager, Paula Diaz. The session will focus on new aspects related to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulations. Two speakers, Kim Suetens (Soudal) and Torsten Funk (Sika), from our Task Forces and Working Groups will present..  

The webinar is reserved for members only. Registration is open at this link.     
To know more about FEICA members’ benefits, please see here.

FEICA 2024 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO

NH Conference Centre, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands - 11-13 September 2024. Book your spot on feica-conferences.com. Early bird ends in 5 days!

FEICA at the EuRIC's e-waste recycling event 

FEICA Sustainability Expert Dr Annett Linemann will be joining the panel discussion on e-waste recycling at EuRIC - The European Recycling Industries event 'EuRIC WEEE - Plug Into Sustainability: E-waste Recycling' on 3 June 2024. More information and registration via this link.