Updated terminology and definitions of adhesives in the recycling of packaging

At the beginning of 2021, FEICA published a guide to align stakeholders on terminology and definitions to use for adhesives in plastic packaging recycling. This document has now been updated to include paper packaging also.

Several different stakeholders publish guidelines on recycling, including requirements for adhesives in recycling. Divergent terminology is used in these guidance papers, and this terminology also often differs from what is used in the adhesives industry and by users of adhesives.

In order to assist stakeholders in furthering a common understanding of adhesives and the requirements that are important for adhesives in recycling, FEICA has published this paper ‘Terminology and definitions to be used in the context of adhesives in the recycling of packaging’.

A common language and technically sound definitions will help to ensure a better understanding amongst stakeholders and an easier exchange of expertise.

Read the publication here.