FEICA: official partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at work

FEICA is proud to be an Official Campaign Partner of the 2023-2025 'Safe and healthy Work in the digital age' campaign for the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health at work (EU-OSHA). 

The campaign will focus on the safety and health aspects of work in the digital age and will follow the priority areas below, which includes a gradual release of materials to help employers and employees in navigating the impact of new digital technologies at work. 

February 2024: 'Digital platform work'; 
June 2024: 'Automation of tasks';
October 2024: 'Remote and hybrid work'; 
February 2025: ' Worker management through AI';
June 2025: 'Smart digital systems'. 

The campaign materials, including a leaflet explaining how you can get involved, are available here. They are available in various European languages.

FEICA is committed to support 'Safe and healthy work in the digital age' in the adhesive and sealant sector. 

Please see the FEICA Health & Safety page for more information.