Improve your supply chain communication through sector use maps

How to improve your supply chain communication by implementing sector use maps

FEICA use maps describe the common uses of the adhesives and sealants sector, arranged by life cycle stage.

Have you registered chemicals under EU REACH? Be sure your Exposure Scenarios are reality-based and consistent and facilitate communication in the supply chain. FEICA use maps allow your customers to receive harmonised information tailored to their applications.

In October 2016, FEICA use maps were made available for substance registrants. FEICA use maps compile, in a harmonised and structured way, the majority of the industrial and professional applications of the adhesive and sealant sector. The use maps packages comprise the use map template, which provides the general description of the uses and three separate templates providing the inputs needed to carry out exposure assessments, for workers (SWEDs), the environment (SPERCs) and consumers (SCEDs).

How to improve your supply chain communication by implementing sector use maps is available from the FEICA information centre. Please also see the dedicated FEICA webpage on the safe use of mixtures.