29 September is International Adhesive & Sealant Day

29 September 2023 is International Adhesive & Sealant Day

International Adhesive & Sealant (A&S) Day was globally recognised at the 2022 World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC 2022). The purpose of the day, to be celebrated each year on 29 September, is to promote adhesives and sealants as enablers of a sustainable future and to improve the general public's knowledge of our industry’s products. 

International A&S Day affords an opportune occasion to showcase end products that could not exist without adhesives and sealants. It therefore gives everyone who is part of the industry, worldwide, an ideal opportunity to highlight how our industry’s products are crucial in a modern world and help create a more sustainable society.

One of the dedicated websites for International Adhesive & Sealant Day is:

www.internationaladhesiveandsealantday.com, by FEICA.

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