Adhesives and sealants for high performance insulating windows


Adhesives and sealants for sustainable development

Through the use of the appropriate sealants and adhesives the overall performance of the window system is dramatically improved:

  • for sealing and bonding the glass in the window frame
  • for sealing the whole window in the building envelope
  • for sealing and bonding the glass panes in the insulating windows
Posted Dec 11, 2019
  • Buildings consume more than 40% of energy in Europe
  • Windows and insulating glass are very important when considering the overall energy efficiency of a building
  • For long life and good performance, such windows and facades need specialised adhesives and sealants
  • Sealants and foams play a key role in improving air tightness by appropriately sealing gaps between windows and walls. Glazing adhesives provide insulation properties, faster installation times, and are lighter in weight than old-fashioned mechanical fasteners. In terms of safety, glazing adhesives are more flexible, more forgiving and absorb shock better than mechanical fixation systems.
  • The energy needed to produce sealants and adhesives corresponds to about 10% of the embodied energy of a window in total and is recovered in a few days by reducing energy losses to a minimum

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