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EAE - European Adhesive Specialist

The course provides core education in adhesive technology required for adhesive personnel active in job functions as foreman, instructor, technical decision makers. The European Adhesive Specialist has specialized and factual knowledge in the field of adhesive bonding technology.

European Welding Federation (EWF) - Europe - Belgium
Please consult information regarding Authorised Nominated Bodies (ANB):
Course details
120 hours
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EAS-European Adhesive Specialist EWF Diploma
For normal routes the access to the EAS, the minimum requirements are: • Specific technical qualification equivalent to EQF level 4, thus according to the national definitions given in another documents, or • the Diploma as European Adhesive Bonder, EAB, where at the discretion of the ANB in discussion with the ATB, a partial exemption from the course may be granted. • In either case, all EAS tests need to be completed successfully; • a minimum age of 18 years. For more complete information contact an ANB.