TWG PU Restriction

  • Isabelle Alenus picture

    Isabelle Alenus

    Communication Officer
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
  • Silvio Bassi picture

    Silvio Bassi

    Coim S.p.A.
    Regulatory, Quality and Compliance Manager
  • Philip Bruce picture

    Philip Bruce

    Secretary General
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Secretary General
  • Vicky Chatzivasileiou picture

    Vicky Chatzivasileiou

    Communication Officer
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
  • Jana Cohrs picture

    Jana Cohrs

    Regulatory Affairs Manager
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Regulatory Affairs
  • Rainer Dargel picture

    Rainer Dargel

    Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH
    EHS Manager
  • Michael Fahrlaender picture

    Michael Fahrlaender

    Klebchemie M.G. Becker GmbH+Co.KG (Kleiberit)
    Development Manager
  • Uwe Franken picture

    Uwe Franken

    Expert - training
    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
    Technical Manager
  • Torsten Funk picture

    Torsten Funk

    Chair - DCM
    Sika Technology AG
    Regulatory Compliance Manager Chemical Safety
  • Yanielle García picture

    Yanielle García

    Office Manager
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Office Manager
  • Martin Glöckner picture

    Martin Glöckner

    Vice-Chair - NAM
    Deutsche Bauchemie e.V
    EHSQ and regulatory affairs manager
  • Divina Gómez picture

    Divina Gómez

    Regulatory Affairs Manager
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Regulatory Affairs
  • Ralf Heinzmann picture

    Ralf Heinzmann

    Sika Services AG
    Global Technical Manager
  • Jan Kamphuis picture

    Jan Kamphuis

    NAM - representing VLK
    Unipro BV
    R&D Manager
  • Sonia Khandjian picture

    Sonia Khandjian

    Rohm and Haas Europe Service Aps (DOW Italy)
    Product Stewardship Adhesives and Functional Polymers EMEA
  • Hans-Georg Kinzelmann picture

    Hans-Georg Kinzelmann

    DCM / NAM - IVK
    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
    R&D Director
  • Peter Krüger picture

    Peter Krüger

    Covestro Deutschland AG
    VP Physics and Advocacy
  • Liesbeth Melis picture

    Liesbeth Melis

    Huntsman Polyurethanes Europe

  • Andreas Meyer picture

    Andreas Meyer

    H.B. Fuller Deutschland GmbH (Flexible Packaging) (Buxtehude)
    Technical Section Manager Liquid Reactives
  • Michael Mueller picture

    Michael Mueller

    Bostik GmbH
    EMEA CC Technical Advisor & PC&S Leader
  • Matteo Neri Mari picture

    Matteo Neri Mari

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Kristel Ons picture

    Kristel Ons

    Communications Director
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Communications Director
  • Jim Palmer picture

    Jim Palmer

    NAM - representing BASA
    BASA - The British Adhesives and Sealants Association
    Consultant for BASA
  • Stefano Romagnano picture

    Stefano Romagnano

    Durante & Vivan S.P.A.
    R&D and Quality Manager
  • Isabelle Rouzeval picture

    Isabelle Rouzeval

    A Raybond sarl - ARaymond
    Innovation Manager
  • Dimitrios Soutzoukis picture

    Dimitrios Soutzoukis

    Regulatory Affairs Manager
    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.
    Regulatory Affairs
  • Luc Thys picture

    Luc Thys

    Soudal SA/NV
    Director Marketing and R&D
  • Gabor Toth picture

    Gabor Toth

    BorsodChem Zrt.
    Technical Service Coordination Engineer