TTF Smart CE Marking

The Smart CE marking Technical Task Force (TTF) was initially created within the Construction Technical Working Group to co-ordinate FEICA’s participation in the CEN Working Agreement (CWA) project to ensure that the voice of the adhesives and sealants industry is heard throughout. Overall, the project aims to decrease the administrative burden by providing a link between a digital platform and a product regarding its CE characteristics. As of 2020, the TTF is monitoring and engaging in the development of the Smart CE marking application in partnership with Construction Products Europe (CPE). The scope of this TTF is also to engage in all future discussions on digitalisation in construction, identify challenges and propose options. More information is available from the 'FEICA Issue One-Pagers'.


  • Kenneth Holm Andersen picture

    Kenneth Holm Andersen

    NAM - DFL
    Dana Lim S/A
    Chemical Engineer
  • Thierry Berset picture

    Thierry Berset

    Sika Services AG
    Head Corporate Technical Department Construction
  • Ewa Blicharczyk picture

    Ewa Blicharczyk

    Selena FM S.A.
    Chemical Regulations and Technical Documentation Dept.Manager
  • Ruud de Block picture

    Ruud de Block

    NAM - VLK
    Saba Dinxperlo BV

  • Martin Glöckner picture

    Martin Glöckner

    Deutsche Bauchemie e.V
    Director at Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.
  • Valerie Hayez picture

    Valerie Hayez

    Dow Silicones Belgium srl
    Application Engineer Façade Engineering and Architectural Team
  • Ralf Heinzmann picture

    Ralf Heinzmann

    Sika Services AG
    Global Technical Manager
  • FEICA Team picture

    FEICA Team

    FEICA a.i.s.b.l.

  • Gregory Verwaest picture

    Gregory Verwaest

    Soudal SA/NV
    Digitalisation Manager