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    FEICA 2017 Growth by end-use markets

    The adhesive & sealant industry - Growth by end-use markets

    Adhesives and sealants are advanced formulated products that play an essential role in thousands of everyday items. From your mobile phone to your car; your washing machine to your shoes; the construction and weatherproofing of your house, all of these and many more rely on adhesives and sealants.

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    Cefic Facts & Figures 2017

    CEFIC - The 2017 Cefic European Facts & Figures provides an analysis of the latest competitive trends in the European chemical industry. The chemical industry is one of the European Union's most international, competitive and successful industries, embracing a wide field of processing and manufacturing activities.

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    FEICA 2014 Facts & Figures

    The European Adhesive and Sealant Industry 2014 Facts & Figures

    Although adhesives and sealants play an essential role in a huge range of consumer and industrial products they are largely invisible once applied. As a result, there is little awareness of the adhesive and sealant industry and the benefits it brings.

    Our specialty chemical sector, which represents about 2% of the total European chemical industry’s turnover, contributes more than 13 billion euros to the EU economy and employs more than 41,000 people.

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    Order form - European Adhesives & Sealants Market Report 2014-2017

    This is the Order Form for the EU Adhesives & Sealants Market Report 2014-2017, published by FEICA.

    To submit your order, please send the duly filled in and signed order form to the FEICA office.

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    Description - European Adhesives & Sealants Market Report 2014-2017

    A quantitative demand analysis and trend forecast

    This is the Report description and Table of Content of the EU Adhesives & Sealants Market Report 2014-2017, published by FEICA

    The aim of this report is to provide market statistics from an independent source which are updated at regular intervals. The analysis is based on primary research and consists of market knowledge obtained by direct interviews within the adhesives and sealants industry (formulators, raw material producers, equipment suppliers) and analysed by CHEMResearch.

    The geographic scope of the study encompasses Europe, including Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) plus Turkey. The European region is split into 16 regional markets, which are analysed by market segment and product category

    The study follows the harmonised ASC-CATIA-FEICA Adhesives and Sealants Classification Manual. Furthermore, the 200+ page report is structured in such a way as to facilitate international comparisons between Europe, NAFTA and the Asia-Pacific region. The markets of the latter two regions are analysed in separate companion reports offered by the Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC).

    The market size is defined for the year 2014 and a demand forecast for the period 2014-2017 is also provided. The statistical data are reported in tonnes and euro.

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    Cefic Facts & Figures 2016

    CEFIC - The 2016 Cefic European Facts & Figures provides an analysis of the latest competitive trends in the European chemical industry. The document provides the most up-to-date information based on currently available data about the sector, which produces 17.0% per cent of the world’s chemicals, employs 1.2 million workers and contributes €551 billion to the EU economy.