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    FEICA SCEDs Survey

    A FEICA consumer survey, in cooperation with InSites Consulting, on well-known habits and uses of adhesives and sealants.

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    FEICA Supporting Paper - SCEDs Consumer Habits Survey

    FEICA Supporting Paper on consumer habits related to Specific Consumers Exposure Determinants (SCEDs) under REACH

    The FEICA SCEDs cover a full range of consumer habits, in terms of use frequency, duration and amount of adhesive or sealant product used. They are based on information about the identification of habits and practices originally developed under the scope of the ConsExpo project (RIVM 2007) and further complemented with company data plus a recent FEICA survey on consumer habits.

    The present summary covers the results of the survey, conducted between November 2014 and January 2015 covering 3 countries in Western, Southern, and Northern Europe, with representative respondents.

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    FEICA Guidance Paper 2016 - Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants (SCEDs)

    The SCEDs concept was initiated in 2012 and the activity has since been integrated into the "Chemical Safety Report/Exposure Scenario 2018 Roadmap" - action 2.5, to assist registrants with the next REACH registration deadline.

    In this context the SCEDs facilitate the harmonisation and communication of the conditions of safe use of consumer products along the supply chain. Consequently, they document typical conditions of use expressed in a format that can be fed into the commonly applied exposure assessment tools. 

    SCEDs are intended to represent realistic assumptions for consumer exposure assessments, provided in the form of ‘factsheets’.

    This document contains the four FEICA SCED-factsheets developed so far, that cover the following adhesive and sealant products: universal glues, glues for DIY-use, spray glues, and joint sealants

    Given that SCEDs are meant to cover direct uses of consumer products/articles, an additional SCED to cover glues actively marketed for use by children is under development. Furthermore, a background document, aiming to justify our values, is also under development and will be published on the website as supporting paper.

    Guidance on the use of the SCEDs is also available on FEICA's public website.

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    Guidance at a glance - ES series (3) - The relevance of SCEDs to FEICA Members For members

    The third publication in the FEICA 'Guidance at a Glance' series on Exposure Scenarios (ES) explains the relevance of SCEDs to FEICA members and how they facilitate your REACH-requirements on ‘safe use’ communication.

    Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants (SCEDs) have been called the consumer equivalent of the Specific Environmental Release Categories (SpERCs). They document the "exposure determinants” – i.e. the factors which determine the exposure to a substance – and offer more realistic data for use as "information input” in a consumer exposure assessment.